Throughout the disturbance, Lucy reads the book and notices some thing fascinating

Throughout the disturbance, Lucy reads the book and notices some thing fascinating

She rushes away from shortly after asking Natsu to get her sometime even though the she decodes the publication. She finds herself about mansion’s sewers and uses a flat out-of enchanting glasses that lets this lady see from the very speed and might possibly select the invisible concept of the ebook. Everlue appears just before their and you may pins their off, harmful to-break her possession in the event the she doesn’t make sure he understands what she’s located. Soon, however, Happy appear and you will forces Everlue so that go regarding her. Disgusted, Lucy summons Cancer, the girl Celestial Heart whilst the Natsu appear whenever Everlue summons Virgo, that have moved from Celestial Community into Virgo’s back, making Lucy totally dumbfounded. Natsu up coming beats Virgo although the Lucy and you will Malignant tumors defeat Everlue.

Throughout the woman battle with Everlue the guy suggests so you can their their effort to make the author, Kemu, to enter an effective verifying book from the himself and also went due to the fact far on imprison him to do so

After the their profit, Natsu and you may Lucy return to new residence and you can communicate with Kaby, where he keeps his wish for the ebook are burnt, and this irritates Natsu. He reveals why he wants with the book becoming missing and his awesome prior lives. Before Natsu normally finish the bargain, yet not, the ebook comes to lifestyle and you will rearranges the brand new identity out-of “Daybreak” to help you “Beloved Kaby”, revealing to get a keen anagram. Lucy up coming shows that she discover the book got indeed become published by Kemu for his son, Kaby, and you will put a spell involved. Inspite of the pleased consequences, Natsu refuses Kaby’s prize, as he and you can Lucy don’t complete precisely what the contract got specifically asked for and you may believed it could reflect poorly towards the Fairy Tail, hurtful Lucy. To their long ago, Natsu deduces you to definitely Lucy are, herself, composing a text which will be what he spotted when he was a student in their bed room, resulting in Lucy being embarrassed and get him not to ever tell individuals.

Lullaby Arc [ ]

Following the inability of their basic goal, Group Natsu come back to the fresh guild where Natsu, again, gets into a struggle with Gray. At the same time, Lucy actively seeks several other quest toward observe panel and you can while the talking-to Mirajane, finds out about the structure of the numerous guilds additionally the existence out of unlawful guilds, known as ‘Dark Guilds’. Immediately following Natsu frightens the woman he says to the girl so you can hurry and get a different sort of business to them as it’s their look to select one, but conveys an excellent disinterest when controling your. Grey informs Lucy you to she would be to end up being no reason to class up with anyone any longer because of the self-confident outcome on her first journey, however, she retorts you to Natsu did almost that which you. As the Natsu and you may Grey beginning to brawl once more, Loke, several other guild associate, flirts having Lucy but quickly works aside as he discovers you to she actually is a beneficial Celestial Heart Mage but immediately returns to tell Natsu and Grey the S-Class Mage, Erza Vivid red, is back.

Erza gets in this new guild hall although the carrying an enormous horn from a demon she’s got murdered, and you will immediately following scolding several members of Fairy Tail, converts to help you Gray and you may Natsu, that happen to be terrified of the girl, and you may requires them to tag along on her behalf next objective. Although Natsu and you can Gray both deny, they fall with the deaf ears as the Erza instantaneously sets ahead which have the pair. Mirajane requires mention of the make and you can ” in the Fairy Tail ahead of inquiring Lucy to tag along with them to help keep Gray and you can Natsu away from entering the typical matches. At the time of their deviation, in the train station, Lucy possess both off cracking to the good brawl of the sleeping you to Erza is actually approaching. Immediately following Erza indeed appear Lucy brings up by herself so you can the woman, which have Erza cheerfully recognizing Lucy’s team. Natsu upcoming challenges Erza to a combat after their mission stops, one thing she conveniently believes so you can.

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