Yet not, since the Hermione Granger and you can Luna Lovegood enjoys mentioned, their humour can occasionally become hurtful, actually unintentionally

Yet not, since the Hermione Granger and you can Luna Lovegood enjoys mentioned, their humour can occasionally become hurtful, actually unintentionally

Ron never obtained a 7th seasons out-of knowledge on Hogwarts. Alternatively, he moved on being a keen Auror, together with Harry, at Ministry away from Magic. [12] Their work on Ministry revolutionised brand new Auror company, and you will, including Hermione, they assisted “create a special industry” towards wizarding people. [20] Will eventually he worked with his brother George within Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes to your Diagon Alley, [13] which he assisted turn out to be a bona fide currency-spinner. [21]

Sometime anywhere between 1998 and you can 2006, Ron partnered Hermione, in addition to couples got a couple of children: Flower and you will Hugo. Ron is even the fresh godfather and you may brother out-of Harry and you can Ginny’s eldest son. [22] At some point, Ron, Harry and Hermione had been every checked toward Delicious chocolate Frog Notes getting the successes, which Ron experienced his “greatest hours”.

Ron together with turned into romantic with Harry’s children, certainly which, James, try his godson. Lily Luna Potter and you can Ron’s kid, Hugo, have been close-in years and you can good friends, as was basically Ron’s daughter and you will Albus Severus Potter.


Ron passed down the typical Weasley family members traits: flaming purple tresses and an effective freckled skin tone. As he gets ashamed, their ears somewhat turn red. They have blue eyes, a long nostrils, and that’s named being really extreme and you may lanky, having large give and you may big foot. [14] In this way, his stature is a lot like that from their older brothers Statement and you may Percy, rather than the stockier Charlie, and Fred and George. His sister Ginny once joked so you can Romilda you to definitely Ron had a beneficial Pygmy Puff tattoo, [18] though it try suspicious your review had people basic facts inside it.

Personality and you may characteristics

Ron is a very funny individual, however, tend to mentally immature, and insensitive. [24] He has a beneficial sardonic, wisecracking sense of humour that often provides his household members humor and you can recreational. [18] Hermione is apparently frustrated with Ron’s immaturity, immediately following placing comments that he had the “psychological listing of a teaspoon” [15] . Throughout the his day looking for Voldemort’s Horcruxes that have Harry and Hermione, Ron matured greatly, plus took so you’re able to top the threesome when Harry briefly decrease with the a great depressive aura [19] .

Ron’s reputation is even noted by the swift changes in moods and you may insecurity. He is able to be argumentative, an attribute like exhibited inside the bickering that have Hermione. The guy comes with a tough feeling, that’s especially expected to provocation when the his family are insulted, which is maybe not more than undermining the methods out-of wizarding kind through the confrontations (i.e. he has, for the multiple occassion, registered to by hand turn to employing his fists alternatively than simply their wand whenever provoked). Ron frequently demonstrated high bravery for the attempting to cover the individuals the guy wants, from facing their arachnophobia to face of the Harry in his next year [17] so you’re able to trying to bring Hermione’s put when Bellatrix Lestrange separated the lady having interrogation into Cruciatus Curse. [19]

Once the a son, Ron was extremely sensitive on his family’s poverty, and regularly embarrassed of the him or her. Of numerous, if not completely, of Ron’s possessions was indeed give-me-downs, plus his robes, university instructions, rod, and also an animal rat just who he entitled Scabbers. His family members’ diminished cash tend to generated Ron a goal to have taunting of the Draco Malfoy, a rotten, conceited Slytherin. [14] Ron has also been prone to insecurity in the their efficiency, in comparison to their elderly sisters and also to his famous most readily useful buddy. [16] He feels since if the guy continuously overshadowed by history from their older brothers plus the glory of Harry; this can lead to a sense of are “second-best”.

In the event excited about Quidditch, especially the Chudley Cannons, and you can a superb flyer, Ron got a problem with nervousness, and often their to try out ability sustained for it [15] . Salazar Slytherin’s Locket showed that Ron’s greatest fears was basically you to definitely his mom appreciated him the very least and that Hermione popular Harry so you can him [19] . The guy and suffers from arachnophobia, a fear originating from his sibling Fred transfiguring their teddy-bear toward a spider whenever Ron are a child. [17]

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